Can Ammonia And Mothballs Repel Rodents?

West Virginia rodents are the biggest enemies of humans in the United States. These tiny creatures keep on finding ways to enter human habitat and take very less time to cause the destruction of million dollars. They also carry several harmful disease viruses that can be transferred to humans and pets around. Hence, it is important to keep them away from the property to avoid troubles in the long run.

Homeowners at the United States make use of several methods to get rid of Charleston rodents from these premises. One of the most commonly used technique to scare rodents away from the attic is the use of repellents. Note that market is loaded with a wide range of repellent and deterrent solutions that homeowners can use to keep rodents away from their premises. But before you pick any of them and invest huge money and time, it is important to understand whether they have the potential to provide you desired results or not.

Some of the most commonly recommended rodent repellents include the light and sound deterrents. Another common option is chemical based repellents. Many people believe that they are capable enough to repel rats as they have the potential to make the environment less appealing to rodents. Considering a simple example of strobing lights; they are supposed to make rodents feel uncomfortable in the area with their bright light. As rats and mice often love to stay hidden in the darker corners of the house; these lights are believed to scare them away by adding a feeling of unsafe premises. On the other side, the chemical repellents are believed to repel rodents with their unpleasant smell.

You can easily find mothballs in the local stores, and they can be used with ease in the areas affected by rodents. You can also create some home-based mothballs to scare rodents away from your attic area. The idea is to force them to lose their interest to enter that particular location of your house. Many homeowners prefer to spread mothballs in the landscape, yard and garden area that are an actual access point for rodents to get inside your property. But before you use any of these techniques, it is important to know do mothball and ammonia work really to scare rodents away from premises.

The sad fact is that mothball and ammonia doesn’t to rodent proofing at your home. Although the smell may appear unappealing to rodents for some time; but it cannot irritate them so long as they can easily adapt to changes in the area. Moreover, these repellents cannot maintain their unappealing strength in the area so long; especially in the rainy weather. Hence, you cannot avail desired results to keep your property safe from rodent attack. The best idea to keep rats away from the property is by using the appropriate rat proofing system. Spare some time to seal all the holes and cracks that rodents can use as entry points to your home. Install fences around so that rodents cannot enter inside and you can live in the hygienic premises.

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